About to retire

Our experienced Advisors are ready to help you answer each of these questions and any others you might have.

How will I manage income in retirement?
Will I be able to outlive my investments?
Will I have enough money to travel or pursue other hobbies?
Will my taxes change at all?
Are my investments allocated correctly?

Pre retirement (50’s and 60’s)

Whilst you are still working, you can prepare for retirement by:

  • setting retirement goals (e.g. when will you retire, where will you live, how much will you spend in retirement)
  • understanding how long your money will last in retirement and when you can afford to retire
  • structuring your accumulated financial assets to maximise your retirement savings
  • boosting your savings in preparation for retirement
  • protect and preserve the wealth you have accumulated
  • estate planning (ensuring your will remain up to date)

The sooner you start planning, the more likely you will achieve your financial goals and the better off you’ll be in the future.

To retire sooner and help turn your retirement into reality